There are different types of industry engagements offered by the Confronting Climate Change (CCC) initiative, each with a specific target audience and intended outcome. Spaces are limited; booking is essential. PLEASE NOTE! Workshop dates and times are provisional and subject to change depending on interest in the specific workshop or other factors. 

We are happy to organize workshops outside of these dates to attend to the specific needs of your organization.  All our workshops are currently being presented online.

Light Carbon Footprint Workshops

Expected Timeframe: Approximately a 2 hour session on Zoom

What will you be doing? The workshop will start with an introductionary session that will cover general aspects with regards to carbon footprinting.  We will then run through the carbon calculator tool in a step-by-step manner, and the audience will be guided through the process of entering their data.

What to bring to the workshop? Just you, your questions with regards to carbon footprinting and a fresh mind! If you would like to follow us during the workshop on your own profile, it is advisable to register beforehand, but this is not a requirement.

Cost: All our workshops are presented online.  The Light Carbon Footprint workshop is presented free of charge.

How to join: Please complete the Google form at the following link: We will send the Zoom links only to those registered via the Google form. Please note that registrations close one day before the workshop. It is advisable to register well in advance.

Outcome to be achieved: The audience will have the required tools to complete their carbon footprint for the year, the results of which can be used for marketing and/or management requirements. The CCC team will gain access to a data set that is accurate and representative of the industry, to be used as part of the industry benchmarking analysis. The identity of any individual’s data will remain confidential.


22 February 20229:00-11:00Zoom
15 March 20229:00-11:00Zoom
12 April 20229:00-11:00Zoom
17 May 20229:00-11:00Zoom
7 June 20229:00-11:00Zoom
26 July 20229:00-11:00Zoom
30 August 20229:00-11:00Zoom
20 September 20229:00-11:00Zoom
18 October 20229:00-11:00Zoom
1 November 20229:00-11:00Zoom
15 November 20229:00-11:00Zoom
29 November 20229:00-11:00Zoom
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